Winters in Ladakh show absolutely no empathy to the inhabitants and guests of the region when temperature drops to -40°C.

Ladakh – a beautiful name made up of six letters that sounds so good and fascinating to pronounce – is a place everyone of us has always dreamt of visiting. Calling the name itself is no less than chanting Buddhist mantras and passing into a state of trance. The cold desert is so rich in culture and high on landscapes containing meadows, high passes, lakes and wildlife that the region has been on travelers’ top priority.

Unlike other popular tourist places, Ladakh is not an ordinary travel destination where you can go sightseeing or camping, but more of an explorer’s paradise where land and large water bodies are roofed by snow-capped mountains and high passes leading to the other side of the valley. Winters show absolutely no empathy to the inhabitants and guests when temperature drops to -40°C.





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15 reasons to do the Chadar Trek

Summer adventurists cannot have enough of rafting over the speeding waters and ferocious rapids of the River Zanskar, and winter adventure fanatics cannot limit their pace on the freezing layer of the unnaturally calm waters of the Zanskar. The mystifying Zanskar River freezes into a sheet of ice in winters and remains the only route to access the Zanskar Valley. …

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3 beautiful monasteries of Spiti Valley

In Tibetan, gompa or gumbas mean a remote place which is a university associated with Tibetan Buddhism. I would suggest for you to visit these places and stay a night at each place to experience the culture. Key Monastery, Chicham and Kibber We reached Chicham village in about an hour or so from Kaza and walked down to the construction …

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Enigmatic quest to Ladakh & Spiti

That’s what made me & my rider- Rajendra, decide that we are getting Leh’d again and perhaps every year. And to fulfil our quest for additional dosage of adventure, it was decided to add Spiti Valley in the itinerary. Well that addition did enhance the severity of this trip, but we were blessed with the serenity of the Valley, happy …

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