Our belief in ‘being a tourist is too mainstream’ brought us to a point where we decided that this world needed a better travel guide for those whose thought matched ours. And, it was a matter of moments when we were ready with an idea of starting a travel portal that offered the best travel packages and most up-to-date information on the major travel destinations in the Himalayas to make your journey the most epic travel experiences of all.

We are born and brought up in the mountains, for which we take great pride in being called the sons of the Himalayas. Our love affair with the mountains started at an age when we first realized that there was a magical weather phenomenon called ‘snow’ which occurred every year in the mountains.

We, like millions of others out there, are mesmerized by this beautiful phenomenon that occurs every winter in the mountains. We encourage, invite, and inspire people who wish to have this one-of-a-kind experience at least once in their lifetime. What we have in common is not just passion for travel, but also love for mountains, its people, rain, fog, snow, forests, and everything the mighty Himalayas have to offer.

Why Us

We are here to inspire you the way Che Guevara and Alberto Granado inspired us on how traveling can significantly impact and broaden our viewpoint for things around us. Suggested itineraries, destination-specific articles, travelogues, and tips listed on Tripologer are a way to help you hit the road quicker!

We try and motivate people to stop dreaming, and take that once-in-a-lifetime trip quicker, cheaper, better, and smarter.

Our Team

Our small team (which is ballooning up at a considerable pace) is full of passionate travelers and adventurers who are more than ready to trade off a cushy bed at a luxury hotel room for a rocky one at a campsite into the woods.