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Terms & conditions

  • Please treat other club member with respect, dignity and honor. Use of violent behavior including altercation, insinuations of indecent kind, verbal and physical abuse and assault, aggravated behavior, or any other act amounting to unbecoming of member are strictly prohibited.
  • Try and practice special respect towards female members. Sportsmen spirit shall be displayed at all times.
  • Try to ensure punctuality of the appointed date and time in attending of the club activities
  • Practice due care for the local environmental care. Garbage shall be suitably disposed without polluting water sources.
  • The host reserves the right to cancel trip without prior notice for any reasons deemed appropriate by them. In such a case the registered participants will receive full refund. Read cancellation & refund policy.
  • During the trip, the itineraries may be affected by reasons beyond control of the hosts. Changes may occur because of ‘Force Majeure,’ poor road conditions, weather, vehicle breakdown, etc. In such an event, rescheduling of the itinerary may take place. The host shall not be held liable to refund money.
  • Decisions taken by the trek/tour leader shall be in best interest of the guests and shall be final which every participant shall abide to.
  • Capture photos and movies during the trip that are not objectionable to local people or any participant, particularly females. These photos and videos would be aimed for personal use only. Publishing those photos and movies on the internet or on any media is not permitted until and unless explicit permission in writing had been sorted out from the people appearing in those photos and videos.