Sitting on the edge of a lake, Nako is a beautiful village situated an altitude of 3,662 meters. Nako is the largest village to sit at this altitude.  The village has a total population of not more than 600-700 people. On one side, the village is surrounded by Nako Lake, and well-ploughed fields on the other. Mud and stone houses sheltered by thatched roofs are there for decades to witness changing colors of seasons high up in the Himalayas. Chortens and prayer flags can be seen in a significant number as you take a short walk up the trail originating from the brim of the high altitude semi-circular lake.

How to Travel

Bus: Operated by Himachal Road Transport Corporation, an HRTC bus runs between Reckong Peo and Nako. The bus departs Peo in the noon and reaches Nako in the evening. Another HRTC bus that runs between Rekong Peo and Kaza can take you to Nako in four hours. The bus starts at 7:00 am in the morning from Peo bus stop and reaches Nako village at around 11:00 am. Apart from that, there is a private bus service that takes you to Yangthang from ISBT Shimla. You need to hire a taxi or board a local bus (if you are lucky enough to catch one) and reach Nako in another one hour.

Taxi: Taxis need to be hired at Reckong Peo, Rampur or Shimla, because places in between are less inhabited, hence chances of getting a taxi here are slim.

Mini Trips

Take a short walk to know the history and legacy, drink locally brewed grape wine widely known as Angoori or enjoy a beautiful lakeside view. You can wander the hills or be lulled by soothing sound of rippling water of the lake. If you have time, climb a little higher in the hill and experience breathlessness in thin air of the high Himalayas.


Being home to a number of beautiful sights, the first-time visitors should start with an organized tour. Some things can be covered in depth, other are just useful for getting your bearings.

Our guides get you familiarized with the local history and culture. We offer walking tours and day hikes, including visits to monuments, temples, and historic locations, as well as eating tours. Tour prices can be a little high, but, then good things always come for a price. Most of our travel companions consider them a trip highlight. In addition, there are many family related tours, sights and more appealing activates which you can’t afford to miss. Apart from short and long walks, camping under the star-studded sky and eating local food are few notable activities worth trying.