If you’re traveling to this area, it is perfectly fine to keep a small amount of cash in your pocket because you will find bank ATMs on the edge of road leading to the town. Good hotels are available here, but beautiful small home stays built in traditional manner will make you feel at home. Camping under the star-studded, blue sky is also another great option.

Discuss It Out

Talk to us or other people who have done a similar trip to this beautiful town in Kangra valley. You don’t have to bother if you don’t know anyone personally. Go through the list of our travelogues full of first-person accounts and travel stories covering every possible type of trip to this place, or ask a member of our travel community to clear your doubts.

Plan Big & Wild

Read everything you can about this place. There are nearest sights and attractions you wouldn’t know about otherwise. Give us a rough outline of your trip with 1-2 target points, we will suggest you a variety of ways and highlights to get between them.

Try and jot down a rough pre-trip timeline so you don’t have to do it when you are a week or just few days out your trip to the land of lamas and shepherds where you will be seeing hoards of sheep intersecting your way.


One of the most important things to consider is doctor’s visits for a checkup to ensure physical fitness so that you can enjoy your holidays without a running nose, headache or fever.


The longer the trip, the lighter you should pack. This might sound a bit strange, but it’s true. You can afford to lug a heavy bag around for a day or two, but do you want to have anything extra for a week or two? So, try and act like a pro traveler and pack only what is important, because you are not travelling to a barren land.

Stick to the absolute basics and know what you can and cannot buy at your destination(s). There’s no point in bringing six months of toothpaste or buying family sunscreen pack on a week-long trip. If you want to visit places with diverse climates, we will try and arrange them in manner that you visit the warmer places first and the coldest last.

Be Open To Change

If you are a traveler by religion, you will always be more flexible and adaptable. More rigid you are, lesser you enjoy your trip. Try to mingle with locals. Try to learn local dialects, eat local food and try local dresses, no matter how funny you look.