A perfect place for exploring on foot or go fishing in Baspa River. Embark on small trek originating from every nook and corner of the village leading to various peaks guarding the village like soldiers for thousands of years or sip a steaming hot tea at a small tea stall/dhaba called Hindustan Ka Akhri Dhaba. Much of the inner village can be walked without any trouble; however, you need to have some strength in your lungs and legs in order to explore higher, uneven reaches and skinny sidewalks.

If that’s a problem, just take few steps down the valley, take a small leap to sit on a river rock and dip your feet in cold water and marvel at wonderful creations of the Mother Nature.

How to Travel

Bus: Operated by Himachal Road Transport Corporation, an HRTC bus runs between Reckong Peo and Chitkul. You can board that bus at Sangla or Karcham and enjoy an adventurous ride through narrow, curving road to the picturesque valley full of natural scenery all around.

Taxi: Taxis need to be hired at Sangla, because this place is virtually traffic-free, hence chances of getting a taxi here are slim.

Mini Trips

Just a few meters away you can explore the history and legacy, drink wine and relax. You can wander the hills or be lulled by waterfalls or soothing sound of blue water flowing down the Baspa valley. If you have time, the attractions can keep you mesmerized for full 2 days.


Being home to a number of beautiful sights, the first-time visitors should start with an organized tour. Some things can be covered in depth, other are just useful for getting your bearings.

Our guides get you familiarized with the local history and culture. We offer walking tours, including visits to monuments, temples, and historic locations, as well as eating tours. Tour prices can be a little high, but, then good things always come for a price.Most of our travel companions consider them a trip highlight. In addition, there are many family related tours, sights and more appealing activates which you can’t afford to miss.Apart from short and long walks along the river bank, camping under starry sky, fishing in glacial water of Baspa River are few notable activities worth consideration.