Nestled in the majestic mountains of Himalayas, Chitkul is a beautiful small village situated near the Indo-China border. Famously known as the last village India, Chitkul is home to simple and welcoming people living in small homes built out of mud and stones protected by slanting slated roofs.

The village is situated at an altitude of 3,450 m (11,320 ft) above the sea level and is approximately 245.6 km from Shimla and just 22 km from Sangla. So don’t be surprised to see big snowflakes falling from the sky in the month of May as soon as you raise your head to look up. As if the village wasn’t beautiful enough with its natural settings and snow-capped mountains, gushing water of curvaceous Baspa River heightens its beauty to entirely a new level.

The tribal village carved deep in the narrow valley of Kinnaur is like a gateway to the vast, wonderfully landscaped heaven overlooked by green forests and sharp peaks partially or completely coved under a thick, white layer of snow on both sides.

Well-connected by road snaking through boulders, pine forests, freshly sown fields, and small grasslands finally give way to this majestic and beautiful colony of shepherds as you take a final curve around a small hill. This place is the starting point for some popular treks leading to Rupin and Lamkhaga Pass.