A perfect example of global village, Dharamsala is a beautiful town situated in foothills of Dhauladhar Ranges of the mighty Himalayas. The town, which is the principal township of Kangra district, is a wide, open land spread over 29.51 km² of area. The town is home to the only international cricket ground in the hilly state of Himachal Pradesh and home of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Calling Dharamsala a global village won’t be anything wrong as the town offers distinct taste of different creeds and cultures. Tibetan food offered at food joints, Buddhism and monasteries surrounded by shepherds’ villages make this small town a hot weekend destination. Various treks emerging out of the town’s heart leading to different hill tops and districts over famous mountain passes attract thousands of travelers from all corners of the earth every year. Those who visit this place to spend some time in the positive aura of this holy place find themselves associated with this place in a very unique way. They don’t just come here to explore different places and cultures, but also meditate and contribute to a noble cause of freeing Tibet. Other who don’t delve deep into the substratum of things related to political purposes and consequences find themselves transformed by varied experiences they savor during the course of their exploration.

Tourists of every segment flock to this place to enjoy beauty of this place and inhale air of Buddhism floating between mountains and the vast valley. Most of them take home beautiful memories filled with cultural diversity and landscapes of the town to feel air of positivity for life, while others find themselves stuck in the vicious circle of beauty of the Mother Nature for days, months, or even years. What keeps them connected to this place for so long is will to discover hidden treasures of Dhauladhar Ranges, unconditional love of the local people and the words of wisdom in Hinduism and Buddhism.