The Journey of extremes: Leh and Ladakh

One of the life's goal - crossing the highest motorable pass 'Khardung La' riding bullet accomplished.

The journey of extreme altitudes, extreme roads, extreme vehicle and extreme people…..One of the life’s goal – crossing the highest motorable pass Khardung La riding bullet accomplished, crossed ‘Chang La’ – the third highest pass, drove for long 6-8 hours. Stamina and endurance tested successfully ;).

You don’t need to book in advance by an agent go there find a good hotel, there is a lot scope of bargain. Find some local travelers or agents book there and then believe me you will save lots of money.

I am not writing long paragraphs about the beauty of the place as anyone who is looking for this is already convinced and aware of the fact. But in Ladakh, one thing be sure about is get ready to be surprised; it doesn’t look a part of our own earth. It’s a completely different landscape. The drive from Manali to Sarchu after Keylong will amaze you. It looks like a piece from Mars. The route starts with greenery and snow from Manali and you can’t resist stopping multiple times just to admire. So be prepared for it and take good time in hand start early morning. One stop should be along Keylong, near Jispa valley, next on Sarchu.


Sarchu is a stay with very high altitude and before getting excited about the sceneries surrounding camps first acclimatize yourself with the place. Walk slowly, breathe deeply and be calm. Most of the people could not sleep at Sarchu and it’s quite common, my friends also started having hallucinations due to low oxygen. So all you need to do is rest and be calm.

Leh is a quite developed city, so you will enjoy the culture, places restaurants and monasteries. Locals are very helpful and you can enjoy a little chit-chat here and there. Book a nice hotel, enquire about the bike rentals or shared cars, which can help you to explore Ladakh. Most recommended tours are:

  1. Pangong Lake, camps passing Chang La: This place is very cold and only one military camp is on the way where you can have some refreshments. Army people are quite friendly and helpful.
  2. Tso Moriri Lake and home stay.
  3. Nubra Valley tour from Khardung La: This is an absolute biking pleasure. You will never forget the road trip here and it’s kind of cold desert where you will find two-humped camels (bactrian camels). Camel rides are also available in the sand dunes of the cold desert.

Besides, these is a place called Magnetic Hill with a wonderful natural illusion, which make you believe that your bike/car is moving uphill with ignition off. Amazing monasteries are another great attraction which you will find in the land of landscapes and high passes. Hemis Monastery is one such name which is quite famous for being the biggest of all in the region. Drive to monasteries from Leh is also spectacular. This is going to be your lifetime trip. So go with open mind.

Note: Ladakh is not only about spectacular views, culture and people. It’s going to be a tough trip, not recommended if you are looking for relaxing and chilling. The place is no doubt peaceful, but you will have your own challenges and stories along the way. It’s not easy for first timers at all. We had many challenges; my friend fainted at Baralacha La. Others suffered from constant headache. Fortunately, I had no problems, except for some constipation. But be prepared to be sleepless and restless.

Bullet Enfield - Loyal Friend

Bullet Enfield: A loyal friend

me and the mean machine

Me and the mean machine

Leh Ladakh bike trip

Getting shot!

Road to Leh, Ladakh

Riding into the heart of the valley

Leh Ladakh bike trip - winding road

Winding roads

Leh Ladakh bike trip - beautiful road

Beautiful road and water stream pretending to be a snake

Leh Ladakh bike trip - landscapes all around

Landscapes all around

Leh Ladakh bike trip_3

An air of faith and fear creeps in as soon as you ride around a curve

Hitting the road

Happy and content souls hitting the road

Cairn and the himalayas

Cairns in the Himalayas: Offline GPS service

We at Sarchu Campsite

We at Sarchu Camps

Sarchu Camps

Sarchu Campsite

Our loyal friends enjoying beautiful lakeside view

Our loyal friends enjoying beautiful lakeside view


Wild hogs

Camps at Pangong Lake

Camps at Pangong Lake

Leh Ladakh bike trip

Extended landsacpes

Leh Ladakh bike trip_5

Vivid colors of Himalayas

Me at Pangong Lake

Me at Pangong Lake

Military copters hovering over Pangong Lake

Military copters hovering over Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake

Crystal clear blue water says it all

Pangong Lake_1

Beautiful mountains forming a perfect backdrop at Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake_2

Glacial water of Pangong Lake

Pangong Lake_3

Pangong: Where fields are green and sky is blue

prayer flags

Prayer flags

prayer flags_1

Fluttering prayer flags

Waves at Pangong Lake

Love and connection

We at Khardung La

We at Khardung La

Khardung La - highest motorable road in the world

Into thin air

Wall art at Hemis Monastery

Wall art at Hemis Monastery

The kesar baba

The kesar baba

Leh Ladakh bike trip_2

Perfect harmony between all the elements

Shanti Stupa

Shanti Stupa

Leh Ladakh bike trip_4

Extraordinary gifts from an extraordinary land

Leh Ladakh bike trip - Morning smiles

Morning smiles

Hemis Monastery

Hemis Monastery

God almighty

God almighty

Friends for life

Friends for life

A monk sweeping the sacred prayer hall

A monk sweeping the sacred prayer hall

bactrian camel ride

Bactrian camel ride