Himalayan hangover: Unexplored Spiti

After traveling through Spiti, you will be proud of a few things that you ticked off your bucket list. Here’s how you’re going to feel.

Spiti Valley: A part of me still hasn’t come back

Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh is a desert mountain valley high up in the massive Himalayas. The name “Spiti” means “The Middle Land”, i.e. the land between Tibet and India. Unlike Ladakh & Kashmir, Spiti Valley is still unexplored by people and less crowded. The picturesque landscape is unmatched to any other place I have ever been to. You can reach Spiti Valley through Shimla or through Manali.

After traveling through Spiti, you will be proud of a few things that you ticked off your bucket list. Here’s how you’re going to feel.

1. Traveling through the world’s most treacherous road

Kinnaur road - world’s most Treacherous Road

Kinnaur road: World’s most treacherous road

You cannot miss this bus ride. They also let you sit on top if the bus is full.

On the way to Kinnaur

On the way to Kinnaur

2. Taking a dip in the mighty Spiti River

Spiti River

Spiti River

Who says only a dip in the River Ganga makes you feel pure. The clean water of the Spiti River is just so rejuvenating.

3. Extend your family

Live with a family you’ve never met before. The local Spitians are amazing people and one of the most hospitable people I have ever come across.

extend your family

extend your family- our hosts at Kibber

Our hosts at Kibber; Mr. & Mrs. Dorje (Serkong Guest House)

Homestay at Kibber

Homestay at Kibber

Rooms at the Local Home stays for about 200 – 300 INR per night.
4. A treat to your eyes: The majestic Himalayas

Majestic Himalayan roads

On top of the world, literally.

The landscape of Dhankar

Dhankar Village

5. The local diet

local food

Never come back from a place without trying the local food.

6. The most memorable road trip ever

The best time to visit Spiti Valley is between April to September when the weather conditions are not extreme. November – March is a good time only for those who can adapt to extreme cold conditions of about – 15 to – 20 degrees.

spiti roads - memorable road trip

The best Journey so far

extreme cold and car

The car wouldn’t start due to the extreme cold. We had to melt the ice by pouring some hot water

7. Visiting ancient monasteries

Spiti possesses a distinctive Tibetan culture as most of the people are descendants from Tibet. It is one of the least populated places in India.

Key Monastery, Spiti

Key Monastery, Spiti/Image courtesy: Siddhant Chawla

There are rooms in the monastery where tourists can stay for a minimum charge.

Zimshung in Key Monastery

Zimshung is a room in the Ki Gompa where the Dalai Lama stayed during his visit in the 90’s. The bed he used is still neatly preserved.

Tabo Monastery

Tabo Monastery

8. Walk of a lifetime

Stroll through the local streets and you will see & learn so much from how the locals live their daily lives. They are never complaining & always smiling. The local architecture is also something you shouldn’t miss noticing.

Spiti Village

Spiti Village/Image courtesy: Siddhant Chawla

9. Basket Bridge Crossing

Kibber to Chicham

Kibber to Chicham

Human-powered ropeway

Human-powered ropeway to get on to the other side of the valley

10. Touching the highs of life

Himachal Pradesh is the home to some of the highest points in the world. I’m glad to have made it there.

Worlds Highest Post Office at Hikkim

World’s Highest Post Office at Hikkim/Image courtesy: Siddhant Chawla

World's Highest Gas Station in Kaza.

World’s Highest Gas Station in Kaza

Kibber – One of the world’s highest villages

Kibber: One of the world’s highest villages

This trip to Spiti Valley was surely one of the most exclusive experiences of my life. My journey with this land is not over. I’m sure to visit this place once again or more.


The travelogue was originally published at TravelTrotterIndia.